3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Vape Juice


When you switch from smoking to vaping, you might feel overwhelmed at fist. This is because the vape juice is a bit heavy for you. But if you learn to curve this, you will see vaping is better than smoking. Let the following tips help you adopting to vaping.


Disassemble the Device at Night

You have to remove your atomizer from vape tank if there is some vape juice inside. This prevents leak and spills. The jouce can make contact with buttons or electrical equipment and ruin the device. So, remove the tank before you go to sleep to protect your investment.


Your seller will warn you for sure, but he won’t be completely honest with you. Not all tanks are high end, and the tank can warp or crank in a short time.  This suggests you cant use different juices in storage tank. Menthols and cinnamon flavors are known for damaging the storage tank.

Most starter kits have plastic tanks, and this is why they don’t offer a premium experience. If you want to enjoy every vape juice, make sure you have a stone tank for your atomizer.

Maintain the Device

There is a wide variety of vapors available. Just like modding your tank and atomizer, you need to mod your juice as well. Shake the juice well before using as it ensures the PG/VG mixture is properly mixed. This promises quality vape every time.

Don’t leave your vapor under direct sunlight, because sunlight can decrease the intensity of nicotine.

Last but not least, make sure your bottle of vape juice is always closed. You may leave it open for a while to let the liquid breath if you feel it is too intense. Just make sure you don’t leave it open for more than 30 minutes.