4 Types Of Hearing Aids You Should Know About


If you have decided that you need a hearing aid, then the next step is to decide which type of hearing aid you need to purchase. And given the many types of such devices in the market, it can be confusing to know how they are different and which one is right for you. In this post, we look at four types of hearing aids you must know about before you go shopping for them.


Behind The Ear

This type of hearing aid is positioned behind your ears. There are three ways they can send the sound into your ears. The first method involves a little loudspeaker placed inside your ear. The hearing aid will collect the noise and send it to this loudspeaker through a wire which connects both of them. Such types of hearing aids are not recommended for people who suffer from sight issues. Those who suffer from infections in their ears should also stay away from using this specific type of hearing aid. A second method involves a soft tip inside the ear canal, which will be connected to the hearing aid. This type is suitable for people who suffer from mild hearing problems. A third way is to fit an earmould inside the ear and to connect it to the hearing aid using a clear tube.

In The Canal

In this type of hearing aid, the entire working components of the device are placed in the earmould. They are generally smaller than other types of hearing aids and are unsuitable for people who may have trouble with their little controls. In The Canal hearing aids are usually advised for people with slight hearing issues. But if your ear canal is too small, then these devices may not be suitable for you.

Completely In Canal

As the name suggests, Completely In Canal hearing aids are placed much deeper in the ear canals that the In The Canal types. The advantage of such hearing aids is that most people who see you may not see the hearing aid unless they look too closely. However, the drawback is that they are very small and have fewer features when compared to the other types of hearing aids.

Invisible In Canal

These types of hearing aids are fitted very deep inside your ear canals. As such, you won’t be able to take it out and clean them like you can do with the other types. Instead, you will have to visit your audiologist once every few months to get it cleaned. Hence, you will have to spend more on its maintenance. Invisible In Canal hearing aids are only suitable for people who suffer from slight hearing loss.

In addition to these, there are other types of hearing aids in the market. You can also consult listeninglab in case you are unable to decide which type of hearing aid will be suitable for you.