5 Awesome Ways that Cannabis Can Help with Women’s Health

The list of benefits offered by cannabis is getting longer. Many women do not mind getting high sometimes and scientifically, this behavior can be good for them. I know a lot of women who keep marijuana accessories e.g good herb grinder, vape pen etc in their hand bag.

Scientific and anecdotal evidence supports that medical marijuana improves health. This list explains the five best-known benefits of cannabis:

  1. Your uterus will be happier!

The human body makes its own cannabinoids and anandamide is one of them. This substance helps women feel a sense of well-being and self-confidence during certain times of their menstrual cycle. In the ovulation phase, the uterus contains 100 percent more anandamide than the brain. 

By consuming cannabis, the amount of this substance increases in the body and your uterus will return the help making you feel very comfortable with your body. Your reproductive health also will be improved.

  1. Win the fight against Pre Menstrual Syndrome:

The days before menstruation are very complicated for women and there is a scientific explanation for your bad mood. Anandamide, a cannabinoid produced by our body, is highly dependent on estrogen.

The main cause of premenstrual syndrome is the decrease in estrogen that obviously results in low levels of anandamide. According to WebMD, women can avoid discomfort, cravings that threaten their diet or the desire to kill someone thanks to consuming cannabis. After being medicated with cannabis, the woman will stabilize their estrogen levels and the terrible symptoms will disappear.

  1. Say goodbye to menstrual pain!

Periods are often very painful for most women. Sometimes the pain is so severe that it disables women to work. Statistics show that at least two-thirds of all women suffer from menstrual pain. Over-the-counter medications manage to relieve pain, but you must need many doses to eliminate the discomfort.

A joint can be the solution to the problem in addition to providing an immediate and lasting effect. Cannabis-infused pelvic lotions are an alternative if work-related THC drug tests concerning you.

  1. Effective Treatment for Endometriosis

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Cannabinoids are an excellent choice for the treatment of endometriosis. Many women must submit their body to hormonal treatments that cause serious side effects like strokes and may even require surgical procedures such as hysterectomy.

The use of oils or cannabis infusions significantly improves the symptoms of this disease. How do they work? Cannabinoids bind to the endocannabinoid system, alleviating the main symptom of this disease: pain.

  1. Activate your body and help you control your weight

The use of cannabis instead of alcohol is best for your weight. Every time you drink alcohol, your body must process it before digesting what you have eaten, producing a store of fat. Smoking marijuana improves digestive function and is 100 percent calorie free. 


The sativa strain is an ideal motivator because it is very energizing. Cannabis will help you to be more active, increase your creativity and have more fun. Many people experience creative blockages and this substance helps them regain their inspiration. If you are thinking of starting an exercise routine, cannabis can help you push your limitations and go outdoors to exercise.

Dr. Michele Ross, Neuroscientist, and founder of IMPACT Network says that cannabis is a plant made for women. This is the best ally of the female gender, helps them fight their most common problems: menstruation and menopause. Dare to use it and check for yourself all the awesome benefits of cannabis!