6 Weird (But True) Tips To Lose Weight

woman holding scale

Drink warm water

Many of us choose cold water instead of natural or warm water, but if you like to lose weight you need to rethink the temperature of your drinks. Warm water makes you feel satiated faster, so you tend to eat less. In addition, Chinese medicine advises against liquids and cold foods as they remove the “heat” from the digestive process. If you do not like warm water, use infusing herbs.

woman holding scale

Watch less television

Most people know that they eat more while distracted by TV, computer or book. But the question goes further: seeing less television helps to lose weight because they burn more calories. Burn more calories to sleep than watch TV, so read, take a walk, or go to bed earlier instead of spending hours watching TV.

Do not eat in your pajamas.

This can be difficult for those who, when arriving home, change to a more comfortable clothing. Studies show that you eat more if you wear loose or elastic clothing. Suggestion: Choose yoga pants, leggings or other tight and comfortable clothes that let the waist feel.

Eat more bacteria

Bacteria play a key role in metabolism and appetite. Some people think that ingesting more probiotic foods helps to lose weight fast without lowering the calories. However, the way it has proven to be most effective is a balanced diet in bacteria.

Use spicy

Recent studies show that consuming spicy foods, especially cayenne pepper, improves metabolism. The consumption of pepper not only reduces hunger in the next meal, but delays development of fatty cells. It’s time to spice up the food

Drink wine

Obviously, the best for the end! For reasons that researchers do not completely recognize, women who take one to two wine glass a day have less weight than others. Do not exceed 2 cups or will inevitably ingest more calories.