Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Promises Reduced Appetite And Weight Loss – How Is It?

Apple Cider Vinegar

Honey, fruits, cereals, red and white wine are some of the foods that can provide raw material for the production of different types of vinegars. Apple cider vinegar, however, stands out for helping to lose weight and ensuring several health benefits.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar diet to lose weight

Intake of apple cider vinegar is associated with weight loss because it contributes to appetite suppression and fat elimination, which would lead to a natural process of weight loss.

In addition, the food still promotes good digestion and fights bloating as it helps flush out toxins from the body. Combined, the factors assist in the process of eliminating extra pounds.

The apple cider vinegar diet, in fact, does not consist of a specific dietary plan or restrictions on food groups, but rather the regular ingestion of the product in harmony with a healthy and balanced diet with good fats, protein, fruits and large amount of vegetables.

Consuming fasting apple cider vinegar could further boost weight loss, as it would be better absorbed by the body. Experts indicate that the best way to eat food is to dilute one part vinegar in 10 parts water.

It is noteworthy, however, that drinking fasting vinegar water is not recommended for people suffering from problems such as gastritis and reflux as it can increase the acidity in the stomach.

Apple cider vinegar is good for your health

In addition to promoting good digestion and contributing to weight loss, apple cider vinegar could also help maintain the balance of the body’s lymphatic system and alkalinity, and lower blood pressure, bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

Studies also point out that apple cider vinegar can lower blood sugar levels, combating problems such as diabetes and obesity. In the market it is possible to find ready-to-drink apple cider vinegar.