Bet on Workouts that Increase Your Speed Agility and Quickness Training Performance


Increasing speed agility and quickness training for athletes, breaking personal records is the desire of most runners. To gain speed, it is necessary to focus on important variables such as strength, agility and endurance training, they must be worked on mainly in the base period under guidance of training coach with fitness trainer education, so that when the time comes for specific training, there are no overloads in the joints and muscles.

Check out the special tips for runners looking for speed.


Gain strength

The overload in bodybuilding or functional training must be performed specifically for runners. Prioritized in the base period, strength training should go hand-in-hand with periodization, according to the intensity that is placed in running training, respecting the individuality and recovery of each one.


Core strengthening is essential for the movements to come out safely and there is a greater performance gain, with the ventral board being the most efficient. Exercises such as deadlift, are essential in recruiting muscles that contribute to the increase in speed and performance, in addition to containing a high level of complexity, to improve motor coordination.



The educational ones are segmented motor gestures, made to perfect the biomechanics of the movement used in running. Although many have plyometric work, the difference in this type of training is the simulation of running situations, so that from the repetition of the movement, it is possible to improve the athlete’s speed.


Skipping (practicing the movement of the race in an exaggerated way, standing or moving), On heal (running exercise that works the heel lifting part to correct the back part of the run) and Hop run (walking flexing knees and arms) are examples of educators who use running gestures for improvement motor coordination, reduced time in contact with the ground and improved body awareness for activation of muscles.