Buy Hookah – Tips, Prices And Etc

Buy Hookah – Tips, Prices And Etc

The basics for smoking your hookah is that you buy the following Hookah Accessories Montreal.


The stem is the body of the hookah and will be what will determine the rest that must be purchased. It can be large, medium, small, hybrid or not.

Buy Hookah – Tips, Prices And Etc


The dish will serve you to beat your charcoal and prevent the ashes from falling to the floor. They are found in small, medium, large size and this will depend on the size of your stem. Another factor that counts at the time of their price is whether the dish is large or simple.


Buying Rosh is an important point too; it will determine the length of your session and the taste at the time of the pull. There are Roshs of various sizes and depth. The deeper ones fit more essence and make the session last longer. Its material will also count at this time; you find Roshs of ceramic, aluminum and glass.


The vessels are also determined at the time of stem purchase. If the stem is large, the vase is large, if it is small, the vase is small. The vases are found in plastic and glass.


There are several hoses on the market, from the simplest to the most robust. Depending on the size of your MOB Hookah Montreal, a very heavy hose can cause it to fall off.

What accessories should I buy?

To make your Hookah Montreal complete, you need some accessories that should be guaranteed at the time of purchase. Also consider a damper and even a heat controller. The damper will take your session a little longer to finish, helping the coal to warm the essence further. And the heat controller also has this function and still avoids the use of aluminum. We also recommend that you buy a suitcase to carry your setup.

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