Chiropractic Helps and Treats the Result


Due to the holistic approach that prefers Clinic, are cooperating team of rehabilitation doctors, neurologists, physiotherapists, psychologists, masseurs and even elements used alternative therapies such as acupuncture and natural medicine.


The main tool of chiropractors is hands

The word chiropractic originated from the Greek Chiros – hand. This therapeutic method discovered in 1895. It was convinced in disorders of the spine, the pressure on the nerves that cause pain in other parts of the body. But chiropractor Sheffield solves aching back.

What is the difference between the physiotherapy and chiropody Sheffield methods? Is not it basically the same?

Chiropractic is unlike physiotherapy passive method, therefore, between patients, it is popular however, addressing more consequence and not the cause. Physiotherapy course uses musculoskeletal medicine techniques, but looks for the essence of the problem. Given that all motor activity is managed and controlled by the central nervous system, it is necessary to affect the control mechanisms. Through the process of motor learning and biofeedback, we are able to influence control of momentum and therefore offer the patient a solution to his problems. But not only in the short term but also in the future in order to improve movement stereotypes. Therefore, the active physiotherapy method requires the full cooperation of the patient.

Chiropractic – a bridge between the classical and alternative medicines

Chiropractic must be practiced exclusively by experienced chiropractors who use standard tests, such as X-ray, as well as its counterparts in orthopedics. Earlier this technique was practiced as folk healers, until many years later began to penetrate and work together with conventional medicine.

When a chiropractor helps?

  • If it hurts the cervical spine, lumbar spine
  • Headaches
  • After injury
  • After surgery
  • Immediate help from back pain

Nowadays, chiropractic medicine and handling method included here among us can officially only be carried out by a doctor.