Complete Life Nutrition Launches Clean Lean Pea Protein Drink On Amazon


PATTERSON, NJ, October 6th, 2017 Complete Life Nutrition, the company specializing in high quality dietary supplements, is pleased to announce that, starting October 10th, 2017, its Clean Lean protein drink will be available for purchase on

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After carefully reviewing the latest literature in the fields of food and nutrition sciences, Complete Life Nutrition experts got to work crafting a unique shake formula, which would address the needs of those looking to follow a balanced diet, as part of their weight loss regimen.

An all-natural, non-GMO shake, Clean Lean is free of gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, and stevia, and thus compatible with vegetarian, vegan, and all diets excluding any or all of the aforementioned ingredients.

Rich in fiber, proteins and vitamins – including the highly important B12 vitamin, Clean Lean has a pea protein basis, which helps expedite nutrient absorption. What’s more, the drink’s inulin content, which is a soluble fiber with a proven positive effect on metabolism, provides a natural boost to one’s fat burning mechanisms, and thus helps anyone drinking Clean Lean to advance faster towards reaching their ideal weight.

Quick and easy to prepare, a Clean Lean shake only requires two powder scoops combined with 8 oz of water, almond or coconut milk, followed by light shaking, before being ready for consumption.


As for its taste, Dr Jonathan Spages, Complete Life Nutrition’s media representative, said that “Clean Lean is sweetened with monk fruit extract – not sugar, nor stevia, thus making it safe for diabetics. It has a delicious Dutch chocolate flavor, which makes it wonderful to drink on a daily basis, either as part of a meal or a snack.”

He went on to talk about developing Clean Lean, saying that “We managed to create an all-encompassing supplement, which combines vitamins, protein, fiber and a rich B12 content – so, instead of having to purchase several different supplements, our customers can get everything they need simply through adding Clean Lean to their diets!”

Complete Life Nutrition stands behind its products, and prioritizes customer satisfaction. For this reason, it provides a full, 30-day money-back guarantee in the event one of its customers believes that for any reason the product did not live up to their expectations.

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