Eat and Lose Weight: Top 7 Tricks of Proper Nutrition for Weight Loss


You can lose weight without giving up food. The main thing is to follow the principles of proper nutrition. Nutritionists say that in 21 days you can get rid of excess weight. Why and how you can lose weight in just 3 weeks, read the material.

Both nutritionists, and fitness trainers, and doctors are unanimous in their opinion: there is no more effective and healthy way to lose weight, tighten the body and strengthen muscles than a combination of proper nutrition for weight loss and physical activity. Naturally, both require discipline. One thing is good: nutritionists and trainers assure that you can get used to proper nutrition and training regimen in just 21 days. During these 3 weeks, your brain will rebuild, and exercise and a nutrition plan will become a habit. So, in three weeks, your hand will not reach for a harmful pack of chips – you just don’t want to eat them.


But how to make a diet correctly and how to eat right in order to lose weight. There are 10 basic principles.

Set priorities: your task is not to limit yourself in everything in the name of harmony, but to build a nutrition system that can be followed for a long time, even for a lifetime. Proper nutrition for weight loss should help the body burn excess fat and build muscle. When the goal is reached, you can allow some foods to return to the diet, but in a limited amount.

Remember the basis of nutrition: the core of a proper diet should be proteins and proper fats with carbohydrates. You must not starve. The diet should include foods such as chicken, turkey, rabbit, lean red meat, sea and river fish, seafood, olive, coconut or sesame oils, vegetables, herbs and fruits, berries, eggs, dairy products, whole grains, a lot of natural spices and spices. Also, do not forget about the drinking regime: 1.5-2 liters of clean water per day is the norm for any person. If you exercise a lot, drink more water.

Determine your calorie intake: the calorie content of the daily diet is important. For example, on average, women need to consume 1500-2000 kcal to maintain their shape, depending on body weight. To lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit. But this does not mean that you need to switch to only water in pursuit of the notorious 90-60-90. It is enough to reduce the daily calorie intake to 1200, and you will start to lose weight, but according to the rules. That is, the weight lost will not return after you switch to an individual number of calories.

Eat 5 times a day: the volume of the human stomach is approximately 0.5 liters, but it can be stretched. The logic is simple: the more servings you eat, the more you will want to eat, because you will stretch the stomach and it will need more food. In general, in order to eat less, you need to eat less, but eat more often (sorry for the tautology). Divide your daily food intake into 5 meals. Portions will turn out small and you will not experience hunger throughout the day. Breakfast should be 500-600 kcal, lunch – 150-200. For lunch, you can eat 300-400 kcal, for a snack – 150, and for dinner – 300.

No dry food: forget about snacking on sandwiches and even the most dietary cookies. Meals should be complete. This does not mean that you should eat the first, second, third and compote five times a day. You just need to sit down and calmly eat a full-fledged ready-made dish, preferably warm. Liquid dishes cooked in meat, vegetable, fish broths and mushroom broths contribute to the secretion of gastric juice. Soup once a day is enough to digest second courses.

Determine the serving size for weight loss: we will not write about the size of the stomach again. Better say how much you can eat in grams per meal. One serving of vegetables – 100-150 g, liquid dishes and dairy products – 150 ml, meat or fish – 120 g, 1 fruit, 1/4 avocado, 8-12 grapes, a handful of nuts, 1 tsp. vegetable oil.

Follow the right diet: your diet for weight loss and keeping fit should look something like this: breakfast – protein foods or whole grain cereals; lunch – soup + protein food or vegetable salad / stew; snacks – 1 fruit; dinner – dairy products or vegetable dishes.

By adhering to these nutritional rules, you will not lose weight as quickly as with mono-diets, but everything will not return. In addition, you can stick to such a meal plan for life, adding some foods as you wish. And most importantly – it will not only not harm health, but improve it.

Sample weekly nutrition menu

Breakfast options

200 g of finished oatmeal with 30 g of dried fruits; coffee or tea; fruit.

150 g cottage cheese with 1 tsp. honey; 30 g nuts or 100 g fresh fruit; coffee, tea or a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

2 whole grain toasts with 50 g avocado or 30 g cheese; boiled egg; coffee or tea, fruit.

Lunch Options

Chicken soup; vegetable salad; hot sandwich made from whole grain bread, chicken breast and greens.

Pasta from durum wheat; 100 g chicken breast, cherry tomatoes; fruit.

Natural yogurt without additives; sandwich with whole grain bread, avocado, salmon and greens.

Dinner options

Baked fish with vegetables; 1/2 baked apple.

Salad with bulgur, chicken breast, tomatoes and dry herbs; tea.

Baked chicken fillet; garnish of baked vegetables, 1 tbsp. l. feta; tea.

150 g cottage cheese with 30 g nuts and 1 tsp. honey.

Your diet should contain as many raw vegetables and fruits as possible, but before 16:00, then it is better to eat baked vegetables and fruits, which are easier for the body to digest in this form.

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