Employee Suffered a Work Accident, What to Do?

Employee Suffered a Work Accident

What to do when there is an accident situation in the company? The first procedure is providing relief, so call work injury care in Denver immediately. Do not allow unqualified third parties to touch the injured, as this may aggravate injuries and increase the liability of the company.

Provide medical assistance, initiate the possible investigation of the cause of the event in a way to protect the company, after all, the employee can file a case in court. In this case, it is important to have documentation proving that there is no guilt by the company.

If the company has a work safety technician, it is important to be present at the scene of the accident, both to formalize a report and to suggest changes and avoid recurrence.

After the accident at work is known, the company must notify the Social Security immediately. To do so, you must issue the work accident notice, which will also allow the employee to receive sickness benefit. In situations where the employee dies, the issuance of the work accident notice on the same day is mandatory.

It is common to prevent accidents in the workplace by simply using the correct protective equipment for the activity.

What are the obligations of the company in case of an accident at work?

In case of an accident at work, the company must:

  • Complete and forward the work accident notice immediately;
  • Provide all requested documentation;
  • Pay the salary of the first 15 days;
  • If the employee is absent for more than 15 days, he / she will enjoy stability and the company must wait 12 months before terminating his/her employment contract.

The company must keep up paying the wages during the period of leave. The payment of medical treatment and necessary medicines are still the subject of discussion.