fish oil acne – Can it really cure it?

fish oil acne – can it really cure it

fish oil acne There are a thousand different acne treatments around these days, does fish oil cause acne most of them being medications which you can purchase over the counter. Many people do not think about the natural way, however, of treating acne. Many people don’t even think about fish oil. When you increase the amount of fish oil in your body, it can help to treat your acne problem.
fish oil acne – can it really cure it

fish oil acne – does it work?

It is said that the fish oil, Omega 3, can diminish the irritation of frustrating acne and it also helps halt the overproduction of sebum. Sebum is the key source of acne breakouts. It blocks up the pores and that causes the inflammation and acnes to appear. An essential Omega 3 acid, Eicosapentaenoic Acid, is necessary to help stop the inflammation caused by acne by growing the stages of anti-inflammatory Prostaglandins. By raising the quantity of Omega 3 in your diet, you could possibly stop acne in the future!

Not all fish oils are good for your skin. Fish oils with Omega should be limited. If you have a diet which is rich in Omega 6 it can cause as Leukotriene B4, to be over produced. Leukotriene B4 has been linked to acne and it is thought that it could be one of the causes of the condition. If you are worried about this problem, then simply adding more Omega 3 to the diet should help.

fish oil acne – how to use it

How do you get the appropriate levels of fish oil into your diet? According to specialists, you are not encouraged to have more than 1 or 2 helpings of fish per week because of toxins are hidden in the fish. The best way to get enough Omega 3 is to take supplements. Make sure that they have what’s known as EPA, because it’s the thing that will help take care of your acne issues.

What brands of fish oil are good for acne? We recommend these brands:
– Carlson Fish Oil
– Nordic Naturals
– Kirkland Fish Oil
– Maxalife

Remember to keep your consumption of Omega 6 low and increase the Omega 3 for the great results. If this does not help, consult your physician and ask what they recommend. Also, note that it might take months to realize any outcomes so you should not stop taking the fish oil any sooner than that.