Get in Shape with OPM DataBook


Are you tired of trying different things to lose weight or to get in an ideal body shape? The OPM DataBook is the real thing that really works. It’s a hardcover notebook specially designed to help you achieve workout in your routine life. The notebook combines everything necessary to get you in the best form naturally. The book is made of high quality wood-free, off-white paper and about half the size of a printer paper, offering ultimate portability.


To succeed at what you’re doing, you need to stay active and energetic. This is exactly what the OPM DataBook lays stress on. It is comprised of 100-day consistent training workout which one can easily do throughout the day. It is designed in a way that it can get you on the right track to achieve a healthy, fit body.

With this amazing weight loss notebook, you can monitor your overall performance and record your workout results quite easily. The following are the main features of OPM DataBook: Two weeks tracking, Feed promotion tracker, food intake logs, liquid intake logs, overall monitor, 100 daily logs, workout logs, reminders, to-do logs,  faux leather hardcover, woodfree art paper, 100 GSM paper, double bookmark and more.

What Makes OPM Databook Stand Out From the Rest?

There’re lots of things making this weight loss notebook an ideal choice. The following are the most important ones;

Easy to use & clear targets

The OPM Datebook is designed to help people build consistency. You get easy targets and clear instructions to get on the right track to lose weight fast. Everything that is described in this note book is feasible and users can easily accomplish them throughout the day.

Workout techniques that really works

The OPM DataBook is more than a weight loss notebook. Not only does it focus on weight loss, it also promotes a healthy lifestyle to be strong physically and mentally. This notebook is an ideal choice for those struggling with their poor lifestyle. It’s a complete package for everyone wanting to stay fit and healthy.

You can back the OPM DataBook project on kickstarter. The team behind OPM DataBook will be launching their Kickstarter campaign on October 18th, 2017 at 11:00 am EST. They have exciting limited special offers just for the launch day to thank everyone for the support!

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