Getting A Hair Transplant In San Francisco

Hair Transplants Surgery

As any resident of The City will tell you, San Francisco is not a place that’s easy to describe. This is likely because the kaleidoscopic matrix of its culture is constantly in flux, not necessarily with protean ideals, but instead, altering methods with which to express them, along with new champions to fight for their cause coming and going all the time. It’s been written that San Francisco undergoes a dramatic change about once every ten to twenty years. Trends rise and fall, as do the people who give them voices. It happens in every city around the globe, but for SF, the flow is particularly vibrant. More unusual still, it’s often localized. A lot of fashions come and go in this tightly packed, 7X7 mile metropolis without ever losing sight of the bay shore. It is an introverted city populated by extroverts. A paradox of vagabonds who choose not to wander, for a feeling they have already found the best place to be in all the world.

Hair Transplants

Over the past twenty years or so, a trend that’s caught on—and endured—is hair transplants. Clinics have been popping up like the dahlias in Golden Gate Park. If you come to San Francisco for a hair transplant, you’ll have little to no trouble finding a surgeon to help. Board certified professionals of the field long ago recognized how much more advanced hair restoration was becoming, and is still becoming. Today, the most modern techniques in follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) are practiced right here in The City By The Bay.

Depending on the patient’s level of hair loss, most procedures can be conducted in 4 to 10 hours. Full recovery time takes about 1 year, but in as little as 3 months, the patient will be seeing new hair growth in the recipient area. Once the recovery process is complete, the fact that a hair transplant took place at all will be difficult, if not impossible, to detect. Not that San Franciscans would think differently either way of the person involved. There is such freedom of expression on the streets, it seems as if every corner one turns introduces another view. Patients do get hair transplants to increase their confidence in public places, but in San Francisco, they quickly discover they are not being judged by appearance. Having said as much, the confidence restored in themselves often plays a key role in their decision to pursue hair restoration.

Some Key Things To Know About The City

The weather here changes even faster than the trends. Stranger still, it may be different from neighborhood to neighborhood. For instance, in Haight-Ashbury it may be sunny and 75 degrees, while just down the road in Corona Heights, the fog is thick, the rain cold, and the coffee steaming. Believe it or no, this is actually a good thing (or so residents would have you believe), because the breeding of contempt becomes impossible by means of familiarity. Also, the fog itself can be quite fascinating to behold, especially when it creeps slowly over the bay, obscuring the Golden Gate Bridge in a vast, ghostly blanket.

Geographically, San Francisco is fairly tight. At just 7X7 miles, one can walk across it in a single day. The endeavor involves a visit to several neighborhoods, each with its own culture. Don’t feel like walking? There is plenty of public transport to be found in the form of trains, buses, ferries, and trolleys. San Francisco also happens to be the home of Uber, so there are plenty of drivers to flag down at a moment’s notice.

Tell one of them to take you to a good shopping center and watch his head explode. The reason being…well, there’s a lot here for shop-a-holics to crow about. Along with the most popular chains in the world, such as Macy’s, Prada, and Gucci, independent stores sell hand-crafted and hard to find items, giving the streets a nice blend of industry giants and pixies.

Once it comes time to eat, San Francisco has no shortage of cuisine. A lot of local restaurants focus on a particular theme or dining ethnicity, so whatever your palate craves, it’s sure to be satisfied. Oh, and if you don’t feel like sitting down and hailing a waiter, try the food trucks. They are virtually everywhere, and like the restaurants, offer varied themes. The food trucks are excellent for eating on the go. Not only that, a lot of their chefs are highly talented.

Hair Transplants Surgery

Getting a hair transplant in San Francisco doesn’t have to be a fully clinical experience. There is much to be found here, before and after the procedure takes place. Your memories of The City will involve more than new, natural hair; they’ll involve an adventure in one of America’s most fascinating places.