Getting Fit with Ropes Training


Mainly rope training, known as battle with ropes, which is a method that uses ropes up to 15 meters, with thickness ranging from 1.5 to 2 inches and requires strength and concentration.

The training consists of making alternating or simultaneous movements of the arms in multiple directions and action plans, generating ripples in the ropes. The force used for the movement causes the core (center of force of the body), the arms and shoulders to be applied, as well as the stabilizing muscles. In addition, it also raises the heart rate and increases energy expenditure.

But be careful not to maintain a wrong posture during rope training. Keeping your back arched or legs extended generate pressure on your lower back and hips and causes your body to become unbalanced. This happens when you do not exercise with the abdomen contracted, a basic requirement to get the most out of the training.


How is rope training

The duration of the rope training will depend on your fitness level. But a good start is to do a series of five repetitions of each exercise with 20 seconds of movement and 20 seconds of rest.

The initial position of all movements is the same: keep your knees bent, your torso tilted forward, your abdomen contracted and your gaze directed towards the end of the rope.

Exercises for rope training


Alternating waves

Perform the movement of raising and lowering the arms alternately, keeping them firm and relaxed in the joints.


Hit the rope on the floor and extend your arms above your head. Perform the movement with the shoulders, keeping your arms firm and relaxed at the joints.


Perform the outward rotation movement, and then hit the rope firmly on the floor, extending your arms above your head.

The battling ropes coach certification is important if you would like to be professional in rope training. turning a passion for sports conditioning and fitness into a career.