HCG Diets – Understanding Gorge Days

HCG Diets

When researching the HCG diet plan, you may come up across the term ‘gorge days’, also known as ‘loading days’. The term actually refers to the first two days of an HCG diet plan when the person is sanctioned to eat everything he can. Below, we look at why gorge days are an important part of the HCG diet plan.

HCG Diets

Restocking The Fat

People who plan for the HCG diet normally may have very low fat reserves due to already trying out other diet plans. These fat reserves are very different from the abnormal fat that is causing you the weight issues. The ‘good’ fat reserves are those which the body utilizes to meet your energy requirements when you cut down on the calories. Having abnormal fat, which adds to your weight, does not mean that you have sufficient fat reserves.

Without sufficient fat reserves, the HCG diet program won’t succeed the way it should. This is the reason why the first two days are often classified as gorge day. You have the full license to eat all kinds of fatty foods and stock up on fat reserves. In fact, overeating is encouraged in this period. And by doing so, your body is ready to go through the strenuous 500 calorie diet for the next several days.

Gorge Days And HCG Diet Drops

When you start the 500 calorie diet days, your body will be low on energy. And during this time, the HCG diet drops will release the abnormal fats to meet the energy demands of the body. But when you begin taking the diet drops, it won’t be effective right from the go. In fact, they will take a few days to start working on the abnormal fats. And if you haven’t gorged up on a fatty diet, you will essentially miss the euphoric feeling which many people feel during the first week of their HCG diet program. Plus, you may also experience severe headaches and hunger pangs during the period.

The Psychology Of Gorge Days

The gorge days also work on a psychological level. Committing oneself to a 500 calorie diet is not an easy task. People might feel the need to postpone it before they start it. By gorging on your favorite foods for two days straight, you will have a fuller stomach and your cravings will be satisfied.  This will ensure that you are mentally prepared for the upcoming calorie restrictive days.

So, do yourself a favor and never skip on the gorge days. Check out websites like HCGDiet.com if you need more info on the HCG diet plan and the importance of loading up in the first couple of days. Eat to the maximum and fill up your stomach. Yes, you will gain some weight due to the excessive eating, but you will quickly lose all the weight you have gained once you start with the 500 calorie days.