Here Is Why Dragon Fruit And Fasaali Are Winning 2021

Here Is Why Dragon Fruit And Fasaali Are Winning 2021

Fruits are all soothing to the soul and they are the true diet of the heart. However, we have two names here that are winning 2021. Dragon Fruit and Physalis are creating waves in the year when everyone is taking care of their immune system the most. For starters, Physalis species are herbaceous plants, whereas Dragon Fruit is a tropical fruit famous for its bright red skin. Both are not very common names, like oranges or apples, however they are surely the hidden gems.

The sight of them makes you scream: HEALTHY! Here are a few reasons why we label them the magical plants/fruits of the year.

Here Is Why Dragon Fruit And Fasaali Are Winning 2021

They support the immune system

Not everything you eat is an ardent supporter of your immune system, but these both will boost it to the maximum and you will be feeling much fresher after adding them to your diet.

There is sufficient amount of Vitamin C present which will ensure that immunity remains boosted to the maximum. Vitamin C is very important to ensure good skin as well so that will always be a bonus!

They help in reducing weight and maintaining it

For the weight conscious ones here, this is great news because there are higher chances than ever to lose weight, these are healthy snack alternatives after all. Dismiss the junk, and say hello to healthy alternatives. Weight loss is the need of the hour and it can only be done with healthy eating, and exercises. Working out may seem like a hassle, but eating these will not be!

They lessen hypertension and reduce stress                    

Hypertension can lead to many fatal health conditions, and the best way to cut hypertension out of life is to start eating healthy. Hypertension is highly reduced with these two tension reducers which lead to healthy functioning of the body and mind both.

Great for pregnancy blues

If 2021 is the year when pregnancy has knocked at your door, add the two to your diet for a comfortable experience and your pregnancy blues may just say goodbye in no time.

Good for your eyesight

Your eyes can be your bestfriend when they function well and your worst enemy if they choose to become irritated at most times. Therefore, for better eyes, give this special diet a shot.

You just have to remember that having them both at the same time, will only reap benefits and there will be no side effects to keep in mind. These are just few benefits that we have pointed out, however, in real there are so many that they remain uncountable.

They are going to make you feel so much better at a time of the pandemic when your body and mind need to be at their best. This is the time to take care, and to take healthy decisions. Especially the one with compromised immune system, this is the time to make your body bounce back, if you were affected by COVID-19 this year or the last. Good luck!