How Do You Know If You Have Herpes?


The herpes are extremely common viruses (HSV-1 & HSV-2) that contribute to herpes infections. It has been observed that mostly people don’t pay any attention to this condition until it gets severe. Doctors can reduce virus severity, treat symptoms and ease pain, but it can’t be cured. So, it’s highly recommended that you should take it seriously so you can become less prone to Herpes. To see if you have herpes, following points can be helpful in diagnosing herpes.


Watch for itching and redness

If you feel any itching or redness on or around your genitals and mouth after having sex, you should take it seriously. You may also experience hot skin and tingling at the affected part of your body. After some time, it may get severe, making you more prone to Herpes. So, its important that you should have the complete information of herpes viruses and their symptoms. You can get information online or consult with your physician in case you experience something severe.

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Visit your physician for test

If you experience blisters on your body, especially on and around your genitals, you should visit your doctor to get tested for Herpes viruses. Victims may also notice painful urination before being diagnosed with herpes.

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