How Much Does a Personal Core Trainer Earn?


So far we may know about features, training and security in the profession, but there is certainly other questions may be lurking in your mind: after all, what is the salary of the personal core trainer who has completed physical education degree or core conditioning certification?

We know that he is a professional who works “on his own”, without a formal contract and, therefore, without the right to the security of the professionals who work in this regime. The answer to that question is still somewhat controversial.

There is no table in the market that defines how much you should charge for the sessions and the best way to reach the ideal price is from a market survey. This is because prices vary according to the region in which you operate and the modality.


It is not possible to charge, in the periphery, the same amount that is charged in an upscale neighborhood, for example. Another factor that values ​​your work is your training. In addition to the mandatory courses and documents, you can enrich your curriculum with other specializations and personal trainer continuing education.

Experience also tends to enhance your professionalism. This means that, over time, as you acquire knowledge and experience, you will be able to increase your remuneration.

Another important point is that the “salary” of the professional varies according to the number of students. That is why it is important to design measures to get new students.


Labor rights are due to the modality most used today by self-employed professionals: Individual micro entrepreneur. The procedure for joining the category is simple and you have labor rights such as sickness and maternity benefits.

Furthermore, the valid rule for pricing your services is common sense. You must find the balance between your personal ambition and the devaluation of your work. Falling into either extreme will certainly damage your reputation in the profession.