How to Become a Sports Nutritionist? Learn All About the Market

Sports Nutritionist

The sports nutritionist is the health professional responsible for advising athletes and sports teams on diets, eating habits and nutrition.

Through their knowledge and skills in food composition, these specialists are able to develop eating plans aimed at improving health, sports performance and even treating illnesses and injuries.

To deepen your knowledge in this profession, read on. In the course of the article, you will discover how to become a certified nutrition coach, as well as getting to know the job market and job salaries.

What does the sports nutritionist do?

Sports nutritionists work specifically with athletes, whether professional or amateur. The main function of these specialists is to develop food menus that aim to improve the health of their clients, optimize athletic performance and promote the recovery of physical conditions such as injuries.

How to become a sports nutritionist?

To become a sports nutritionist, those interested in this field should attend nursing undergraduate. The training is of higher level and has an average duration between 4 and 5 years, depending on the educational institution.

The curriculum has subjects such as Anatomy, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics and Human Embryology, Immunology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Pathology and Food Anthropology.

In the last years of the course, it is mandatory to conduct supervised internship in clinics, hospitals, food companies, among other places that capture these specialists.

During this period, which makes it possible to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom, students go through various areas of Nutrition, such as Clinical, Social Nutrition, Food Industry and may even intern in the field of Sports Nutrition.

How is the job market?

According to a survey, today, the fitness world is growing all over the world. Therefore, with the increasing number of people seeking to adopt a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition, the sports nutritionist has gained more and more visibility. So, start a career in nutrition today.