How to Control Anxiety – Medicines, Therapies and Others


Those who live with anxiety know that we often cannot get out of this alone and we need extra help. But after all, what is the remedy for anxiety? Today we are going to talk about some treatment possibilities, including therapy, which is very important in these cases.

In addition, treatment with Havening practitioners UK is essential to treat social phobias, panic syndrome or obsessive compulsive disorder.

So, check out three types of therapy that offer positive and lasting results for anxiety cases.


Anxiety remedy: 3 types of therapy that can help you

Focal brief psychotherapy

The aim of brief psychotherapy is to improve the quality of life in a short time.

This therapy is linked to traditional psychoanalysis. Objectives are defined from a focus. Therefore, usually after a few weeks, patients feel better.

In this way, the person learns to identify the symptoms of the onset of an anxiety attack. That is, you can better control these triggers in your day to day.


This is one of the lines linked to behaviorism (a concept that mixes several theories). Thus, it seeks to investigate and change the relationships we have with the environment we live in. That is, the person identifies and changes the behaviors that hinder him in life.

Just like the therapy we talked about earlier, behavior analysis lets you know what affects your emotions and attitudes. That way, knowing why you can learn to control.


More suitable for those seeking self-knowledge, this therapy, created by the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), uses dreams as the key to therapy.

That is, through dreams the analyst helps the patient to find the root of the problem. In addition, drawings and the sandbox, with miniatures, serve to set scenarios. In this way, the therapist maintains the conversation about the problems that led him there.