How To Control Ringworm From Being Contagious?


Ringworm is the rashes caused by the fungus in the skin. It is brought on by different species of the fungi like Epidermophyton species, Trichophyton species. This condition is called as ‘tinea’ medically. It is not a serious condition, and it is easily curable.


The fungi are the tiny spores which are hard enough to remain for months on your skin, on the household objects like towels or combs; and in the soil.

However, the ringworm is very contagious, and it spreads easily. Ringworm can be passed among people through the direct skin to skin contact.

It effects many parts of the body and crothch area is very prone. Anti-fungal creams for jock itch can cure the infection, but homoeopathic healing oils work the best.

It also spreads by the indirect contact for instance: touching the bench or even sharing the infected person’s objects like hairbrushes, towels or bedding.

People with weaker immune systems suffer from ringworm often. It spreads easily in the families because of the skin contact or among the athletes due to the locker room surrounding.

This ringworm infection affects animals like cats and dogs as well, and even pets can transmit this infection to the humans.

And you may have an infection in more than one body part at a time.

It’s very important that we educate sufferers, including children, about the ringworm infections. Informing kids can help stop the ringworm infections.

To control ringworm infection, you should develop a hand-washing habit and do not share your items.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to control ringworm from being contagious:

6 Preventing Steps to Stop the Ringworm from Being Contagious

  1. Treat ringworm infection the moment you suspect it.

Typical ringworm symptoms are itchiness, broken hair, inflammation and red patches on the body, etc. On the beard and scalp areas, there can be dry skin, flaking, and broken or bent hair shafts.

Many anti-fungal shampoos and medicines are available in the market to clear the ringworm infections.

  1. Apply/Take anti-fungal medicines as per the prescription.

Rub topical bestringwormcreams or lotions on the infection at least three times a day. For scalp Tinea Capitis use shampoos like Nizoral, Selsun Blue, etc. and wash your hair three times in a week.

Make sure you wash your clips, hair bands, hair extensions, barrettes and other washable objects with the antifungal shampoo.

  1. Visit the doctor.

Do visit your doctor to get checked the exact dermatophyte, which causes you ringworm.

  1. Avoid damp conditions.

To prevent the ringworm infections in feet, groins, and toenails; avoid wearing damp and sweaty socks, underwear, or shoes.

  1. Keep your toe nails and fingernails trimmed.

Trim and shorten your nails as it helps in stopping the infection from spreading. Make use of antifungal nail varnish/lotions to prevent the nail ringworm.

  1. Have your pets seen by a vet?

Pets can spread the ringworm also, dogs included. So make sure you get your pets checked if they have a ringworm infection or not.

Ringworm is not a serious condition. You can cure it with proper ringworm treatment.

The ringworm treatments are easy. Just keep in mind the above-mentioned steps, and you can prevent so many unwanted complications.