How to Increase Muscles for a Perfect Physique and Figure


Do you dream of having an athlete’s body with a brilliant physique and figure? Well know that this is within your reach. If the bones of your body take you forward to your lazy muscles, these some ideas are fundamental to change your body from fragile and thin, to strong and muscular.

We present some physique and figure training tips on how to have a body of your dreams, with muscle mass specially made for the frame you always wanted. Furthermore, also join bikini fitness training courses.

physique coaching

  1. Increase weight progressively

It is known that the body adapts to stimuli, so you can use this characteristic to your advantage: force your body to adapt to an increasing effort from training to training. Increasing your weight during the repetitions of each exercise (until you can no longer do it) will cause your muscles to develop. Doing weight training is a good way to achieve an increase in muscle volume. 


  1. Eight to twelve repetitions

An exercise, repeated 8 to 12 times will make your muscles develop; repetitions of 3 to 6 will serve almost only to increase strength; 15 to 20 repetitions may stimulate muscle growth, but they are not ideal. The ideal weight to lift must be a weight that does not allow you to achieve more than 12 repetitions or less than 8.


  1. Six to nine exercises

To stimulate muscle growth, 6 to 9 sets of repetitions for each part of the body (e.g., legs, arms, back, shoulders) are ideal. Training should also not exceed 45 minutes to prevent the body from releasing catabolic hormones that destroy muscle tissue. 


  1. Increase your protein intake

Recovering and repairing muscle tissue is very important, so adding protein to your diet is essential. Protein does not have to be ingested in an absurd excess. To know the amount of protein you should eat daily you must do some calculations.