How to Lighten the Skin of the Face: 5 Tips to Achieve a More Luminous and Stain-Free Skin


Those who have spots on the face always look for different ways of how to lighten the skin with more immediate treatments, such as laser and pulsed light. But did you know that you can reduce those dark marks by inserting some daily care into your beauty routine?

While monitoring the dermatologist is essential, you can begin to lighten your skin in a more gradual way, also preventing the appearance of new spots. Here, we listed 5 skin whitening tips. Check!

1. Apply sunscreen every day

The first fundamental tip is to adopt the use of sunscreen every day. In addition to preventing cancer and skin aging, this habit helps to prevent the appearance of new spots and, depending on the formula, to eliminate existing ones.

2. Bet on a product that increases the luminosity of the skin

Powerful antioxidant and with high power illuminator for the skin, Vitamin C is an excellent choice to lighten the stains of the face.

3. Exfoliate the skin frequently

Another habit that helps – a lot to diminish the dark appearance of the spots is the exfoliation. When done properly and with the appropriate frequency, it facilitates cell renewal and removal of dead cells.

4. Use an illuminating mask with peeling effect

Peels, both physical and chemical, are great options for lightening the skin on the face. However, in the day-to-day run, it is worth investing in a mask with peeling effect which helps to lighten and smooth the skin in just a few minutes.

5. Invest in a whitening treatment

In addition to the use of vitamin C, you can invest in a specific treatment for facial skin whitening. A good tip is to bet on a combination treatment that has whitening properties, high coverage for spots in three different colors – light, medium and brunette, and a mortifying texture that does not leave oily skin.