Losing Weight with Scientifically Proven Means

Losing Weight

If you are in the habit of looking up published material on effective weigh loss programs, you would know how most programs fail to be based on scientific facts and logic. There are many new scientific studies that speak about how the human metabolism works. These studies are valuable and wonderful in what they depict and have to be understood in depth to get transformed into effective means of losing weight. The sad part is that these study reports tend to get missed by the target audience as they fail to reach the popular channels of readership. There are several white papers and journals that dispel the myths related to weight loss. These days, it is common to find health experts and those related to the medical field getting tired of fad foods and the unfounded assumptions permeating via online public discussions.

Losing Weight

Here, we have tried to move away from the mundane, non-scientific reasons about how your body loses, gains or maintains its weight. Instead, we have sorted out some science backed ways of losing weight and maintaining the same.

  1. Dieting is better than exercising

A little exercising goes a long way when it comes to losing weight. However, as per experts, it is a better deal when you can cut down on your calorie count by decreasing your food intake. The lesser the number of calories you consume, the lesser the need for burning them; it’s that simple. So, to achieve active weight loss, you need to be physical active as well as cut down on the total number of calories that you may have been consuming so far. Just relying on exercises to lose weight is not enough. In most cases, people tend to eat more after a morning run or jog to compensate for the calories burnt by them. The best way of losing weight quickly would be to eat less and workout more – think about it.

  1. Exercises help in correcting “broken” metabolism

Calorie restriction is as essential as regular exercise for weight loss purposes; however, it is not as effective for repairing one’s broken metabolism. Exercising the right way gains a lot of importance in the maintenance phase rather than the actual weight loss phase. Once you have lost some weight, it is essential to keep exercising so as to keep it at bay. Physically inactive people are quite likely to put on more weight after they have lost their excessive fat. So, along with keeping a tab on your total calorie intake, you need to keep exercising to keep your weight intact.

These and other proven facts will get you to your desired weight and maintain it too. Once you get hooked to these tips, you will find it easy to customize them to suit your needs. Read more about how to lose weight using science. You will surely be surprised to take a closer look at how scientific facts work to aid your weight loss regime.