Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia causes muscle aches and exhaustion; it is more and more frequent, especially in women.

The difficulty of diagnosing and treatment causes a lot of people to opt for natural solution. There are some key tips to alleviate the symptoms of this disease.

Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia

The emotional factor can cause fibromyalgia

The psychosomatic expression of the disease is that of a person very disillusioned with life, which should be considered when treating the emotional part, as well as finding the psychological triggering factors.

If the emotional part is very heavy and there are symptoms of depression, it is possible to administer doses, together with food as supplement.

If there is muscle tenderness in top vertebrae in neck, procedure of advanced orthogonal Tampa is also performed to keep all related body parts in alignment.

Proper nutrition

As with natural fibromyalgia treatments, food is always essential. In cases of fibromyalgia there is a possibility that the patient’s feeding has been inadequate for a long time and, as a consequence, a cleaning of the organism is necessary.

In this case we recommend performing a detox:

  • Start treatment with diet exclusively based on fruits and vegetables (raw or steamed);
  • For half a month, the patient should take 3 or 4 cups of a depurative infusion daily (dandelion, Marian thistle, burdock, willow root – natural analgesic, etc.);
  • Subsequently the feed will be full of vegetables, fruits, cereals and legumes integral with few proteins and fats, avoiding, refined and precooked foods. The diet should be alkaline, since the fatigue acidifies the organism.

The diet should have foods high in magnesium such as fish, apple, apricot, banana, fig, peach, nut, alfalfa, buckwheat.

It should also be based on malic acid, which can be found in supplement form or in the daily consumption of apples.