Osteoporosis Exercises for Healthy, Strong Bones

Strong Bones

Having strong bones means you’re capable of performing different physical tasks with utmost accuracy. But time doesn’t remain the same all the time. You may feel pain in your body particularly in bones over time. Those who take good care of their bones and muscles are less susceptible to bones problems. You can improve your bone health by bringing about some chances in your lifestyle. Whatever you do to make your bones strong, always remember that nothing is more efficient than exercise.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve highlighted some important osteoporosis exercises for those struggling with bones problems and wanting to strengthen their bones. If you have been referred to a Denver Orthopedic by your family doctor, it means you’re at high risk of developing serious bone problems. If you want to enjoy your life for years to come without falling victim to arthritis, be sure to consume a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Let’s go through these exercises below to find out what is your favorite one:

Strong Bones

Weight-bearing exercises

You can try low-impact or high-impact weight bearing exercise, depending on your condition. You’re not limited to specific exercises; instead, you can try anything keeping your upright while fighting gravity. The more you exercise the better for your bones and muscles. If you’re condition is serious, don’t do high-impact exercises without consulting with your physician as you can worsen your problem.

However, the high-impact exercises include – Dancing, hiking, jumping rope, tennis, jogging/running, stair climbing and more. On the other hand, low-impact exercises can be performed by doing low-impact aerobics, walking on a treadmill, or using stair step machines.

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