Penile Pain

Penile Pain

Pain in the penis can be a great source of anxiety and discomfort to the men. Penile pain can stem from the head, shaft or the base of the penis. It can also be located internally and externally as well.

Some men might have a case of perpetual pain, whereas in others, it may only occur during sexual intercourse. Pain may also be such that it causes difficulty in urinating. There may also be visible signs of reason for the pain, including swelling, redness, soreness etc.

The cause of pain can also be diverse; while in some cases, an accident or trauma to the penis may be behind the pain, but in others, men are not aware of the reason for the ache in their groin.

Regardless, pain in the penis is a cause for concern, and it is pertinent that men visit a urologist in Islamabad at the earliest for the treatment of the pain.

Penile Pain

Possible causes of penile pain include:


Balanitis occurs when the head of the penis becomes inflamed. Other than pain in the penis, symptoms of Balanitis include rash, discharge, itching and swelling in the groin.

It is more common in men who have not been circumcised. Chief cause of Balanitis is poor hygiene by men uncircumcised men. Other causes include using strong chemicals for cleaning the penis, obesity and diabetes.

Balanitis requires treatment, as otherwise, phimosis results, which is a condition in which foreskin becomes very tight. The treatment options are mostly composite of topical creams and ointments.

Peyronie’s Disease

In this condition, inflammation in the penis causes formation of scar tissue over the upper and lower ridges of the shaft of the penis. Known as plaque, this scar tissue then leads to curving of the penis when it becomes erect.

Naturally, sex becomes difficult for men; either they completely cannot perform sexually or have pain rather than pleasure during sex. Alongside ED, men also experience their penis becoming narrower and shorter than its usual state.

Whereas the exact cause of Peyronie’s Disease is not known, it haunts a large number of men. Fortunately, erectile dysfunction is a side-effect in few cases only.

While many a times the disease can go away on its own, other times, men have to get it treated. Oral medication and injections are usually employed for treatment, alongside radiation or shockwave therapy to break the scare tissue.

In severe cases, men may need to undergo surgery.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Even though you were warned against STIs, with vehemence, in the sex ed. class. But you might still have not used condoms during sex, leading to STIs and hence, penile pain.

Some people operate under the wrong assumption that condoms serve only as a contraceptive, and if their partner is ‘on the pill’, they can relax with the condom.

Unfortunately, this mindset is partially correct; whereas pill prevents against accidental pregnancy, but the danger of sexually transmitted infections still persists. The danger is more pronounced in cases where couples are not monogamous.

Symptoms of STIs include pain during ejaculation, a yellow or pale colored discharge, presence of rash on the penis. STIs also lead to burning like sensation during peeing and they can also cause pain during intercourse as well.

STIs have a serious impact on the health, therefore, it is pertinent that you seek treatment, urgently. Most often, antibiotics are prescribed when the pathogen is bacteria. For viral infections, treatment is directed at improving symptoms.

Urinary Tract Infections

Whereas UTIs are more common in women, they also plague men. Alongside causing pain in the penis, UTIs cause burning and pain during urination. The infections may also cause presence of blood in the urine. Men also need to pee more frequently and urgently during UTIs.

Mostly, they get better after the use of antibiotics.

Penile Fracture

Yes, you can fracture your penis, and perhaps that is why your nether region hurts so much.

Fractures commonly occur from trauma to the penis while it is erect. The fracture is actually rupturing of the lining of one of the cylinders holding the penis erect.

Mostly, before the onset of the pain, men may hear a popping sound —the rupture—followed by intense pain, bruising and swelling in the penis. When treated in time, the problem is still salvageable. Otherwise, it can result in permanent erectile dysfunction as well.


Priapism occurs when men undergo erections for long period of time, and that too, without any sexual stimulation. A very painful state, priapism may be caused by factors unknown to the doctors.

However, there are certain known causes Priapism. These include health conditions like sickle cell anemia, injuries like trauma to the spine or the penis etc.

A person may try initially to get reprieve from the erection by taking cold showers and applying ice to the region.

However, if erection continues for more than 4 hours, especially without any sexual stimulation, it is pertinent that patients be taken to Best urologist in Lahore, as prolonged erections are a cause for great concern.