Personal Trainer at the Gym


After investing time and money in academic training, it is time to invest in specific knowledge to start personal training careers. There are postgraduate courses in the area, weekend courses and magazine for trainers and coaches in which the professional can acquire bases for his work.

In addition, you must invest in materials to promote training. A computer and other basic materials such as a mat, dumbbells, shin guards and exercise ball are already able to work. Even because the work does not depend so much on the material, but on the professional’s knowledge in relation to the possibilities of work with what is available.

Also, you should invest in promoting your work. From there, the client makes the disclosure. Many gyms are specialized and offer only this type of service with the personals as hired professionals. Others outsource the service by charging a fee for using the space.


  • Attention at all times and almost no chance of doing the wrong exercise;
  • Exercises prescribed with more security, because the personal prescribes the training from the whole history of the client with a deeper evaluation. Ideal for people with some pathology;
  • Availability of various materials that cannot be moved, such as weight machines;
  • Many people give up working out before turning one. Personal is a great motivator, personalizes training and maximizes results;
  • Possibility of variation of modalities and exercises.


  • A little more expensive service, because in addition to the personal value, the gym’s monthly fee must be paid;
  • At busy times, you end up fighting over devices with ordinary customers and creating a bad climate;
  • When choosing to work out, in the case of weight training, in most gyms the time is free. Hiring a personal has to be a routine due to the professional having other times filled.