PURSUIT Fitness Training – The Benefits

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Nature and man generate an interaction of proximity since its beginnings. It is worth noting that man has always resorted to natural systems for his survival, thus becoming an element belonging to nature.

Technological and scientific development has made it possible to show changes both in terms of behaviors, attitudes, values, adapting them to a social context. Thus, in these transformations and changes in the life of each individual is physical activity, associated with the concepts of health, well-being and quality of life.

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Outdoor workouts are characterized by the wide variety of activities it provides, allowing each person the freedom to choose according to their tastes and preferences. However, in most cities, the practice of physical exercise outdoors is conditioned by factors such as pollution, traffic, space conditions, among others.

Still, there are countless benefits related to the practice of boot camp fitness training in the open air, and there are several studies that compare and defend this practice in relation to training in the gym. Of these benefits, we can highlight the following:

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Increase of vitamin D, through sun exposure. Vitamin D is of particular importance in improving and preventing various diseases. Low levels of this vitamin are associated with low immunity, neurological disorders, hypertension, loss of bone tissue, loss of muscle mass, among others.

New training stimuli, due to the diversity of training options. Training outdoors allows us to carry out diverse activities and even some that we are unable to accomplish in an enclosed space such as the gym. 

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Breathing fresh air, that is, countering what is the routine of our day to day. Outdoor training appears here almost as a necessity and not as an option or obligation. The body will love it and the mind will thank you!

Greater concentration and attention. Several studies confirm and report the positive effects of outdoor physical activity on attention and concentration levels.

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