Scalp Sores and Scabs – Causes and Treatments

Scalp Sores and Scabs – Causes and Treatments

Scalp sores and scabs are common hair problems that cause discomfort and embarrassment. However, they are not caused by any serious medical problems. You should see a doctor if your scalp sore problem is gradually getting worse. 

Scalp Sores and Scabs – Causes and Treatments

Causes of Sores on Scalp

Painful bumps, blisters, or sores on scalp can be caused by different medical conditions. The most common ones include but are not limited to:

  • An allergic skin reaction
  • Hair shaft infection of skin infection
  • A skin problem, such as acne
  • Viral infections such as shingles and chickenpox
  • Epidermal cyst

However, scalp sores can also be caused by tight hairstyles. Chronic use of hair weaves, elastic hair ties, protective wear like helmets, or headbands can cause pressure on hair follicles and scalp, resulting in tenderness. Dry shampoo when used for a long time can also result in dandruff and dermatitis, promoting sores on the scalp.

How to Treat Scalp Sores?

First off, you should consult with an experienced dermatologist for the best treatment for your scalp problems.  Never try to treat it with something you hardly know about. However, you should try using skin-friendly, nourishing shampoo, which will go a long way toward keeping your skin from drying out. 

You can also try foods that promote healthy hair. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are considered good for hair, as they keep the scalp well hydrated. Try to incorporate sweet potatoes, egg yolks, salmon, walnuts, fish, and flaxseeds in your diet. 

While looking for an effective treatment for scalp sores, you may come across many products claiming to bring you results in no time. Most of them do nothing but make your situation even worse.  So, it’s highly advised that you stick to what your doctor recommends.

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