Skin Hydration: How Cosmetics Work And Which Is Best For You


There are several products on the market to moisturize the skin, with different bases and active ingredients. Each skin has its peculiarity and, therefore, obtains a better result with a specific type of moisturizer. According to the pharmacist, biochemist and cosmetologist, it is important not only to know your skin type, but also to know how skin hydration processes work to choose the right cosmetic.


Occlusion hydration

Hydration by occlusion occurs when the active ingredients in the cosmetic promote a reduction of evaporation, preventing the loss of water in the extract corneum. The products that use this process are those based on lipids, which form a protective barrier in the skin. They are creamy emulsions, with vegetable oils in the composition,” explains a specialist. Occlusion is indicated for dry skin.

Moisturizing by wetting

In this process, the substances in the product “capture” the moisture from the environment to use it in the hydration of the tissue in order to maintain the natural emulsion of the skin. According to specialists, in this type of hydration, the most used cosmetics are those with glycerols. Moisturizing by wetting, which is indicated for oily skins, occurs at two different levels: on the surface of the skin or by intracellular mechanisms.

Active hydration

Emulsions are products intended to promote hydration of the skin through occlusion and wetting. Creams or lotions in which the lipid phase plays the moisturizing function of occlusion, while the hygroscopic ingredients that provide the wetting. These actives, such as urea and hyaluronic acid, are the so-called biological moisturizers, suitable for normal and dry skin.

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