Taste the Healthy Seafood Connoisseur, Alaska Halibut!


Alaska Halibut is loved all around the world by seafood aficionados. Its mild flavour and crumbling texture makes it possibly the most popular dish for the dinner menu.

Halibut are among the largest of the saltwater fish and is an excellent source of top quality protein and minerals. It is low in sodium, calories and fat. It contains bones which are also edible. The Wild Alaskan Halibut hails from the pure waters of Southern Alaska. These fishes grow to several pounds. But the one with a size of 40lbs or less has the best flavour.


Hence, there’s no arguing with the claim that Alaska is one of the finest destination offering high quality and top nutritional seafood of all sorts. The Alaska coastline is truly exceptional in the marine biodiversity. It is known for the pure and contaminant-free quality of the seafood.

The wild Alaskan halibut is available in boneless portions with skin on and skin off. It is highly rich in omega -3 fatty acids. Having it once or twice a week helps decrease the risk of an irregular heartbeat. It reduces down the level of triglyceride and cuts the growth of plaque in the arteries.

The versatile dish can be prepared in a plethora of delicious methods of baking, sautéing and BBQ. For a luscious topping you can use blue or red berries. It is shipped frozen directly to your doorstep. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a delicious yet healthy bite to Halibut.

Alaskan Halibut is the powerhouse of nutrients. A small serving of it has around 36% of your daily phosphorus needs. It helps in maintaining bones, teeth, metabolism and energy levels.

With 6oz of its serving gives you 36% of your daily intake of vitamin B6 and 91% of vitamin B 12. It proves to be a boon in preventing cardiovascular disease while encouraging healthy neurological function and DNA production.

It is a great source of calcium, which is essential in building block to help maintaining strong bones and a healthy heart.

It contains selenium which is required to prevent certain cancers, safeguard against viruses and heart diseases. It helps ease down symptoms associated with severe conditions likes of asthma.

Whenever you feel low on energy, having a halibut is a great way to boost your iron levels. It also helps in eradicating the symptoms of fatigue.

Of the myriad of recipes for Alaska Halibut, sometime simplicity keeps the boldness and the best taste of the fish. Try marinating your halibut steak for few hours and then placing it on the hot grill would do wonder. You can add wine, olive oil and herbs to taste. Serve this with a salad and voila! you have a guaranteed hit summer dinner.