The Importance of Employee Health in Companies


The health of employees has a direct impact on the motivation and profit of the company. And in the text below, you will understand this statement perfectly.

Many studies in the Human Resources area have already concluded that those employees who are satisfied with the work they perform and with the company they are part of are on average 10% more productive compared to those who are not.


The benefits of keeping your employees engaged are many. Among them we highlight: the company gains in image, it is better prepared for the competitiveness of the market and, the most significant advantage, the company gains in profits.

For the company that strives for the health of its team, for every $1 invested in promoting and preventing workers’ health, approximately $4 is generated in return. This means a profit of about 300% generated with the increase in productivity and, mainly, with the decrease in the number of absences, delays or part-time work that the worker would commit for health reasons.


In this perspective, taking care of the health of its employees is a concrete way of showing them how much the company values and cares about them as people and not just as a workforce. So invest in corporate wellness coaching certification professional with coach continuing education.

It is true that no professional is happy to be seen as a machine, that when problems arise they will be dismissed and forgotten. Therefore, taking care of employees’ health is a way for organizations to tell them that they want them to feel good and grow with the company, as professionals and as people.


Thus, being attentive to the health of its people, in addition to being an investment that generates great return, will prevent the company from having future problems, such as labor lawsuits, which will cause unwanted expenses.