The Market for Personal Trainer


It is a market that is always growing. Many people do not have a fixed time to practice physical activities as well as the time to travel to a specific place. The personal trainer with approved personal trainer certifications works with public, at their residence or places close to them to exercise, but safely with professional monitoring.

To start a career as a NESTA personal trainer, we recommend NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification. It has just been updated with new professional learning material and improved standards with the NCCA accreditation.

In gyms, the most common and sought after place, the personal trainer has the option of working in two ways with target audience: individually or in small groups.

In clubs the structure offered to practice physical activities is very similar to gyms, and in some cases, better. But availability is for members.


In parks, streets and condominiums, work is also done individually or in a reduced group. In this case, generally, the personal trainer must take part of the equipment and use the physical and structural space offered.

When teaching classes at the clients’ homes, the personal trainer must have equipment that he can take and also recommend to the client that he gradually acquire the minimum material to carry out the proposed activities at his home. Some clients have the financial means to set up real gyms at home, which facilitates the personal work.

In relation to the workplace, today many companies adhere to physical activity programs for their employees. Some set up training spaces, in which employees practice their exercises during off-hours, often hiring a physical education professional to work with a personal or individual or small group. Other companies offer their employees the job activity, on time. This activity is directed by the personal trainer according to the positions exercised by the employees and the functional and motor aspects of these positions.