The Types of Covid-19 Tests in Netherlands

The Types of Covid-19 Tests in Netherlands

New news about covid-19 tests comes out every day. There are some who provide the results in 40, 50 or 90 minutes, but most people who have already taken a test only found out if it was negative or positive at best 24 hours later

The Types of Covid-19 Tests in Netherlands

What different types of laboratory tests for covid-19 are there?

The tests can be classified in relation to the biological component detected: molecular biology tests, which detect the RNA of viruses, antigen tests, which detect virus proteins, and serological tests, which detect antibodies produced by organism in response to infection with the new coronavirus.

The first two are performed on samples from the upper and / or lower respiratory tract, while serological tests use serum, whole blood or plasma.

The tests are also distinguished by their automation, being carried out in laboratory analysis equipment (automated tests) or in vitro diagnostic devices, with low complexity of technical execution, allowing to get the result in a few minutes (rapid tests).

Among the aspects that condition the laboratory result are the type of biological sample, the quality of the collection and the dynamics of the viral load. Studies published to date show that the likelihood of a positive test decreases with the number of days after the onset of symptoms.

In the case of fast tests, it is emphasized that they cannot be a single criterion in the assessment of the patient’s condition, and must be interpreted in conjunction with other clinical and / or laboratory data.

How long do the results take in Netherlands?

Since providing the sample in laboratory at coronasneltest, a sample normally takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to get one result. But, at the present, several samples are taken to process and analyze daily, so, it may take a bit more time to get the results.

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Some laboratories provide the result in 12 to 24 hours, although for safety, you may need to wait up to 48 hours.