Tips and Tricks To Eat More Healthy Food At Home

Eat More Healthy Food At Home

Eating more healthy at home can seem like a bit of a task, but there are plenty of ways to get motivated! From experimenting with new recipes and cuisines, cooking methods and cooking utensils. There are plenty of opportunities to spice up your meal experience, without cutting out food groups.

Eat More Healthy Food At Home

New Recipes

There are so many diets these days, from paleo, to plant based, even mediterranean. Although sticking to one may not be everyone’s cup of tea for the long term, there are some killer recipes and ingredient swaps to try here. Why not try throwing extra veggies into mince, making a raw lasagne, or swapping out dairy for creamy cashew cheese? A side dish such as raw zucchini noodle salad, or bean dip could add delicious, healthy variety to your meal. These days, there are even recipes for delicious deserts made out of sweet potato, beans, tahini and other yummy whole foods.

New Cuisines

These days we have a whole range of cuisines right outside our door. While the takeaway option may seem tempting, why not try making a healthy version of your favourite recipes at home? Cuisines such as Indian, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese and even Mexican can bring you healthy meal inspiration. Why not make an Ayurvedic Thali at home? This is a varied meal with a fresh salad, tangy yoghurt, a veggie curry, a protein curry and chapati flatbread. Simple, yet delicious. Even Vietnamese rice paper rolls can be made healthy, and can create a beautiful shared meal experience. Simply find your preferred ingredients, and build them together.

Cooking Methods

Baking and grilling instead of frying are our most common substitutes to a greased pan. However, these days cooking technology has grown! Air fryers, at home blow torches and high speed blenders have changed the game. Why not try make your own blow torched sushi at home? Air fryers are a particularly great substitute to frying, allowing you to chop up your favourite ingredients, season them lightly with fragrant spices and a touch of oil to give you the same crispy texture as deep frying would! Many air fryers will come with different heat and timer settings, allowing you to put your ingredients in and just wait for them to cook into crispy perfection.

Meal Prepping

This has become a very big buzz phrase in certain industries and households, and it’s not hard to see why. Meal prepping means preparing your meals in bulk, ensuring preparation and cooking is done in advance to when the hunger kicks in. This saves time, money and effort, as well as stocking your pantry up with delicious goodies. For those who get bored of the same dish, ingredients prepping can also be a great idea. This simply means prepping your spice mix, pre chopping your ingredients or whizzing up your favourite dressings in one go to use throughout the week. Don’t be scared to use the freezer either, there are plenty of whole food raw desserts which can be kept frozen before consumption!