Tips To Purify The Air In Your Home


The arrival of autumn may represent a greater incidence of respiratory problems, especially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic; learn how to avoid problems.


The pandemic of the new coronavirus requires, in addition to social distance, extra care with hygiene measures. But the arrival of autumn and milder temperatures also makes it necessary to take care of other viruses, and also with elements that can cause allergic attacks. With a few tips, it’s easier to keep your home’s air clean and avoid allergies and viral illnesses. Check out top recommendations from experts to keep hygiene (and health!) Up-to-date at home:

  1. Windows open whenever possible

Maintaining air circulation inside the home is a key point. If you are in a very hot city and keeping your windows open is not a viable option – that is, if you need to use air conditioning – the maintenance of cleaning the air conditioning should be done every 6 months. Because the air conditioning also brings remnants, both of insects as well as pollutants and allergies, which will enter your home and which can cause crises and allergic reactions. For this, you may also use air purifier gel.

In this regard, we offer Purefolio, a top Australian natural product to purify the indoor air. It is also effective against covid.

  1. No sweeping!

It sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it? Due to sweeping, or dusting, the house ends up lifting the dust off the surfaces, instead of eliminating it. Thinking about dust mites and household dust, the ideal is to never sweep the house. When you sweep, you raise the dust. Therefore, no movement should be made to raise this dust. What should be done? Splash water, or sweep with a damp cloth that has been wrung out so that the dust does not rise.