Tips to Save Your Beer

Mostly, people want to know: what is the validity of beer, does beer spoil and how is it best to keep the beer. These are some common questions.

Be aware, 99.9 percent of beers from around the world are made to be consumed immediately when they leave the brewery.

The exceptions are:

  • Containers in wooden barrels
  • The re-fermented ones in the bottle. In this case lighter beer and less alcohol will acquire new characteristics in up to six months. On the other hand beers with a larger body can make this ripening process for up to a year or more.

There are some tips to save beer:

  • To save, never froze your beer that will change over time. The cold will prevent the baking yeast from working. Keep bottles in beer fridge in temperature range from 13 to 15°.
  • Keep the beer in a dark place for both storing and preserving
  • The location must be mold free and with controlled humidity
  • Always store the beer with the bottle standing. If the beer is stored for more than a year with a real stopper, a “rack” can be placed just like wine.
  • Do not move the beer bottle that is resting. Shocks, beats, very loud sounds will shake the tranquility of the yeast and the stability of the beer.
  • If you just want to keep the beer to drink it in better condition, in this case it is in a refrigerator and with the temperature closer to 0 ° that will have the best result.
  • Do not put the beer in the refrigerator door
  • Do not use the freezer or the cabinet of cleaning products to store the beer. Be kind to your bottles. There should no sudden changes in temperature.
  • A stale medium beer will only be a medium aged beer.
  • Patience is a virtue for those who want a new experience and a disorder for those who are thirsty.