Top 5 International Personalized Skincare Companies

Top 5 International Personalized Skincare Companies

People increasingly want to be more beautiful and younger with personalized skincare products.

That is why there are thousands of companies that sell skin care products and some do well.

Skin care is a massive global market and people are ready to pay large money for the products that work.

If you want to know about these companies as you love personalized skin care, this is great.

Meet the top 5 in the world:

  1. Pure Haven

According to them, their beauty products are based on natural products and have no dangerous chemicals. The problem is that a lot of toxic chemicals have discovered in the formulas.

Following this duly substantiated complaint, the company reinvented itself. To make sure your products comply with the regulations and rules.

  1. Bellus

Skincare is a US based company founded by husband and wife team Michael & Kristina Cimo. They created a skincare generator that uses information users provide in a quiz to custom formulate a 100% natural product unique to their attributes.

  1. Nu Skin

Forbes magazine named this company one of the “100 Most Trusted Companies in the US.” They have been making over $2 billion every year for over 30 years.

The 25% commission is nothing unusual, but they can also pay a bit more than 40% to the distributors. As they are very original, they also train the distributors very well in product, sales and marketing.

  1. Nerium (Neora)

It took just a year to rank among the top 100 beauty companies in Direct Selling Raking, taking #86, then #54 the next year).

Its anti-aging and beauty products are favorites, and they really work. In addition, distributors can earn some expressive bonuses, such as a $50,000 bonus.

  1. Oriflame

This Swedish company sells for $1.5 billion a year and they have a lot of beauty and skin care consultants in more than 60 countries around the world.