Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

There are some Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms that are universally recognized as morning sickness and missed periods. There are other less common symptoms, however, may also indicate that pregnancy. Of course, if you think you might be pregnant, a home pregnancy test is a quick and generally accurate way to find out. Meanwhile, you can see if you have unusual pregnancy symptoms
Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

Although common for many pregnant women, mood swings are rarely cited as an early symptom. For some women, however, sudden mood changes are the first indication of pregnancy.


Some women experience nasal congestion during pregnancy is not associated with colds or allergies. This condition is called rhinitis of pregnancy and can also lead to an increase in snoring.

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Many women experience menstrual cramps as during the first weeks of pregnancy. These cramps are the result of the uterus stretch and expand to make room for the growing baby.

excess gas

The gas is an unpleasant symptom, but very common pregnancy. The higher your level of progesterone increases, digestion slows down, allowing gas to build up in your body.

food aversions

If the smell of morning coffee makes your stomach turn or you can ‘t stand the sight of scrambled eggs, you are not alone. Most pregnant women are victims of a kind of food aversion.


When a fertilized egg implants in the uterus, some women will experience implantation bleeding. This spotting usually occurs around the time of your expected period or days before.