Using Essential Oils to Help Improve Your Health


It’s no secret that essential oils have been around for years. Back in the day they were a common form of medicine to treat anything from burns to cuts and bruises.

With the arrival of modern medicine people have gone away from the use of essential oils towards taking medication prescribed by doctors.

But what’s in all this medication we are told to take?!?

Most people don’t actually know and don’t take their time to do homework and see exactly what they are taking.

The medicine industry is a billion dollar industry and it’s not surprising doctors are pushing these products on us.

There is usually some kind of side effect when we take modern medicine and we don’t actually know how it is adversely affecting our health.


The natural solution

A natural solution to treating injury or illness is essential oils. There therapeutic properties can treat most ailments and don’t have any harsh side effects.

There are a lot of essential oil brands popping up and their products are becoming a lot more popular with the masses.

So, what can essential oils treat?

Each oil has its own unique properties and should be used in specific situations.

The most common/popular essential oils are peppermint and lavender as they cover a wide range of uses and give off a very nice aroma.

Peppermint is great for you breathing senses. There have been reports of people using peppermint essential oil to help breathing for a deviated septum.

Athletes have also be known to use peppermint and doTERRA’s breathe to help with breathing during exercise.

It also gives off a great aroma and can be used in an essential oil diffuser.

Lavender is the healing oil of the gods! It can treat and cuts, open wounds or even bee stings.

Simply put a drop of lavender onto the affected area and its healing properties will quickly fix the issue.

If you have the need to try essential oils in your home you can join a company like doTERRA to get a discount on the oils you buy.


There are a lot of other companies which offer essential oils at a discounted rate so do your homework before you sign up.

Make sure when you’re joining an essential oil company you find out if they use certified pure essential oils as they have the highest therapeutic value.

You can find a lot of companies offering cheaper variations of the real thing but don’t be fooled by these brands.

We don’t recommend buying oils of 3rd party sites like Amazon either. They often have sellers who ‘water down’ their products so although the price is cheaper you won’t get the full value.

By introducing essential oils into your life you open a whole new world of opportunity. Avoid harsh chemicals and give aromatherapy a try today!