Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy

When the desire to expand the family is felt, we watch each month the appearance of the famous signs of pregnancy. But what are they? When do they occur? Are they systematic? And above all, can we rely on such symptoms? Explanations.
Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy

I Am pregnant?

Pregnancy involves profound changes in the body of a woman. Before the belly does Arron missed, a hormonal upheaval that accompanies this period is so great that it causes early signs and symptoms characteristic of pregnancy that you can more or less recognize … 6-8 days after fertilization, implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterine mucosa triggers the secretion of the first pregnancy hormones, the hormone HCG. It is this hormone that will allow the egg not to be expelled and to develop. It is also the presence of this hormone in urine and blood will be used to detect pregnancy. The release of this hormone in the body is often associated with the onset of characteristic symptoms called sympathetic pregnancy symptoms. Until the third month of pregnancy, the hormone HCG will allow the active corpus luteum in the ovary to produce a high dose of progesterone and estrogen: hormones essential to the success of pregnancy. From the 12th week, the placenta takes over and becomes able to produce itself the necessary hormones. Therefore, the little annoyances Q1 fade and eventually disappear.

When the first signs of pregnancy?

The earliest signs of pregnancy arrive in very different ways in women. For some, the symptoms will begin to appear before the delay rules are established, but in this case, professionals talk more about psychological symptoms order. These statements, however, still show! For others, the first signs begin to occur in the first days after the missed period. We also note that these symptoms may be delayed, for example to the 5th or 6th week of pregnancy … Well, sometimes no particular sign of pregnancy occurs (except the famous late period) a pregnant woman.

Signs of pregnancy: are they reliable?

Not really actually. For it is quite possible that a woman has all the signs of pregnancy without being pregnant. This is psychosomatic symptoms: this is when a woman really want to be pregnant (or rather not be) it manages to create without her being aware, these symptoms. Similarly, we can not have any signs of pregnancy and be truly pregnant. Some women also have premenstrual symptoms identical to those of pregnancy. In the latter case, it is impossible to know whether it is pregnancy signs or signs that announce the impending arrival of the rules. You see, it is very difficult to rely on signs of pregnancy … these are not reliable indicators of 100%

Are the signs of pregnancy systematic?

No, they are not systematic. A woman may be pregnant but with no signs of pregnancy except for the delayed period. You should know that these symptoms differ from one woman to another and even from one pregnancy to another. Yes: It is possible to be ravaged by nausea for her first baby … and have none for the second example!

To know: there is about a pregnant woman in two has characteristic symptoms of pregnancy! By the way … what are these early characteristic signs?

>>> The nipples of your breasts darken

From 1 month of pregnancy, the female body prepares for childbirth as well as future breastfeeding baby while causing a visible change in the chest. A pregnant woman who is seen will very quickly find that her nipples change color, they become brown, dark and dark … Are the areolas perhaps extended? Well, that physical change is one of the first signs of fertilization has succeeded! Be careful, because other early signs can appear!

>>> Swelling of the breast

Other signs suggestive of early pregnancy: swelling of the breast! The surge in hormones cause breast swelling and maybe even slight shooting pains. Physically, the nipples may also “bulge”. Under the effect of hormonal changes, breast changes and small dots appear any goshawks nipples, it is tube Montgomery!

>>> The temperature of your body

You may not feel it, but your spouse sleeping on your side you find unusually warm or hot! A few days after the baby design, body temperature can change in some women. Whose fault is it ? Hormone course!

>>> Nausea or vomiting

Nausea in pregnant women are not mere legends, they are real and are characteristic of the first 3 months of pregnancy! Some are entirely unaware of the inconvenience and others a little less fortunate, are beset by evil unpleasant and so uncomfortable! More than half of women are affected by nausea 1st trimester of pregnancy. Appeared strangely coincides with the release of HCG hormone. If nausea ruins your life, know that you can limit … For more see the article: Limit nausea during pregnancy.

>>> Extreme tiredness

From the first weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant woman is attacked by an uncontrollable plague: extreme fatigue! This evocative sign is very recurrent affects most mothers. Result: You feel constantly tired, touched a blameless sleepy. The main offending the inconvenience are hormones which increase causes many evils! In this case, it is best not to fight and to rest as soon as possible … without feeling guilty!

>>> Hypersensitivity and moody!

You do not recognize you more? You go from laughter to tears in seconds and any emotion in you a total upheaval! This hypersensitivity is related to the increase of hormones, most of the pregnant women go through this unstable emotional state. Hypersensitivity is a reliable sign of pregnancy that can be very confusing. Loss of emotional control is often difficult to manage for the mother but also for the future dad who does not understand his sweetheart! This skin-deep sensitivity is also linked to psychological changes that pregnancy involves: a new life, fear of childbirth, anxiety about being a bad mother … Take heart ladies, your body suffers heavy transformations, be indulgent to yourself, you are about to change your life to become a mother. Courage also at Papa future that will have to be patient and understanding to you.

>>> Frequent urination

From the beginning of pregnancy, frequent urination land … everyone knows! This obvious and uncomfortable sign is often indicative of a pregnancy. Frequent urination its related to the increase of hormones in the body of the mother and the pressure of the uterus on the bladder. As well tell you right away: this delay will last and continue throughout pregnancy! Better get used to it now!

>>> Constipation and bloating

Constipation is a recurring discomfort for many pregnant women. The root causes of this delay are related to rising hormone levels in decision-uterine volume based on your intestines, decreased physical activity and in some cases, lack of iron .

>>> Taste Modification: food desires and dislikes!

When a woman becomes pregnant, the smell becomes much thinner, which then causes a change in food tastes, desires or very specific dislikes. Preferred foods before suddenly abandoned for particular dishes. The exact causes of the famous pregnant woman’s cravings are quite mysterious but the possible origins quite numerous. Beyond all that, it is also possible that certain odors nauseate you then causing nausea … If you are prone to this type of symptom, it is very possible that you are pregnant!

>>> Excessive salivation

Excessive drooling is a fairly common annoyance in the woman who is pregnant for the first time. Salvation is a characteristic sign of pregnancy is characterized by a very abundant saliva secretion (up to 2 liters per day in some women!). The exact causes of this symptom remain rather unclear although the scourge is quite recurring! Excessive drooling can also be accompanied by a small metallic taste in the mouth.

>>> Bleeding and slight cramps?

A good week after ovulation, the egg was “travel” in the womb digs a nest to attach to the uterine wall, it is called implantation.
This phase corresponds to the first stage of pregnancy. During implantation, it is not uncommon for the mother to feel some cramping in the lower abdomen. These can also be accompanied by minor bleeding. These flows have nothing to do with the rules as they are much less abundant. Usually, these bleeding are brown, so there is no need to worry. However, if the flows are red and are accompanied by small clots, promptly contact your gynecologist.

>>> Increased vaginal discharge

Outside of pregnancy, vaginal discharge is common in most women. Once pregnant, the phenomenon becomes denser: vaginal secretions are more abundant and do not go unnoticed at the mom …

>>> No rules

In most cases, the missed period is the sign that gives warning of an early pregnancy! But some women have irregular periods, which makes it very unreliable sign actually! Why not do a pregnancy test?

>>> A sixth sense?

A sign which falls absolutely not science but has yet proven: the female 6th sense! Only a few days have passed since the design and you already feel different … It is a feeling hard to explain. Something happens to you, you suppose you feel it, but what? Some do not believe in absolute and yet … The sixth sense of women is more to prove! Many of us have felt “mom” just days after conception … And you know what? Their sixth sense proved correct!

In conclusion, I would say that the signs of pregnancy are not systematic and they vary women and pregnancy. For some among you, they will be reliable clues but not all … what ultimately makes them not always 100% reliable. The desire to have a baby can be so strong that it can be misleading and take over the mind that invents false symptoms. Similarly, the need to the mother can also grow to misinterpret certain signs: delayed menstruation can be caused by a period of stress, breast swelling can be due to the onset of the next period … In short, decrypt body signals is a very difficult job. For those baby trial, stay confident and try not to focus on the appearance of signs or symptoms. Courage to all!