Very First Signs OF Pregnancy

very first signs of pregnancy

What are the Very First Signs OF Pregnancy When doing a pregnancy test Answers and advice to start baby wait for confidence and security? Diane Montes Nathalie Chahine.
very first signs of pregnancy

The signs are unmistakable

If your menstrual cycle is regular, the first telltale sign is, of course, the absence of rules. Even if you have only five to ten days late, a few unusual signs are quite characteristic. They occur with more or less intensity.

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Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

Often, the morning upon waking, you are “smeared”, unable to eat for breakfast. You feel small pains in the lower abdomen as if you have your period. The urge to urinate is more common, your breasts may be more painful (especially on the sides), harder or larger. The areola surrounding the nipple is darker and dotted with small tubers.

Finally, you have all the time sleepiness. Of course, these signs alone do not constitute a real certainty of pregnancy.

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