Weight Loss with Military Diet: Important Care

Military Diet

Before following any diet program, which includes the military diet, consult your doctor and nutritionist to make sure that it really is the most appropriate method for your case and receive guidance regarding the best way to make your diet.

This is because more important than losing weight fast is to lose weight in a healthy way, while preventing against the unwanted accordion effect, in which the lost weight is recovered again.

Military Diet

Such care becomes especially important in relation to the military diet due to the fact that the food program predicts a low caloric intake and the realization of only three meals during a certain period.

The maximum reduction a person should have in his daily caloric intake is 1000 calories. And if we take into account that a person normally consumes 2,000 calories daily, the loss of 600-900 calories, as proposed in the military diet, is not an exactly small number. So you must be careful so that nutritional deficiencies do not occur.

In addition, if diet is combined with regular exercise that maximizes caloric expenditure, it is necessary to take extra care of food, making sure that even consuming only 1100 to 1440 calories will be able to have enough energy to perform physical activities.

When it is followed for a short time, it is unlikely that the military diet causes health problems; however, when practiced for months, it carries the risk of nutritional deficiencies, especially for those who do not consume healthy foods like vegetables during the four days of rest of the diet.

Another problem is that by not proposing a dietary reeducation, but a caloric reduction during a certain period, it is not possible to expect that the slimming obtained with the alimentary program is durable and there is a chance to recover quickly the eliminated weight through the military diet. Read more about weight loss tips with military diet from https://militarydietblog.com.