What a Better Breakfast: Tips


The inclusion of a normal daily diet breakfast was associated with greater physical and intellectual performance and optimal nutrient supply, helping to balance the diet, improving the contribution to the recommended doses, and ultimately preventing or avoiding nutritional deficiencies. It also helps in getting a correct distribution of calories throughout the day and therefore maintaining weight. The caloric and nutritional balance breakfast has a close relationship with the prevalence of obesity.


New lifestyles and lack of time led to changes in the traditional model of meal distribution and mainly affected the breakfast habit with a tendency for breakfast to become increasingly clear or even omit. In addition, even among people who eat breakfast, it is often nutritionally inadequate or insufficient, both qualitatively and quantitatively. If the child is responsible for crafting the same breakfast the likelihood that the jump is greater. We should not forget that these unhealthy habits created during childhood, which will be very difficult to correct later in adult life.

The reality around breakfast:

  • Breakfast cereals (19.7%) reported a better profile of energy inputs than the principles of immediate and better coverage of dietary reference values ​​for iron, B vitamins and folic acid.
  • Children who eat breakfast only more often attributed to the group of low-quality breakfast consumers.
  • Most breakfasts of less than 10 min are related to ingest which doubles or triples the result of nutritional quality.
  • A healthy breakfast consists of a group of cereal, milk and fruit foods. Do not overdo the bakery.

Although we have made significant progress in increasing the percentage of the population consuming breakfast, we must insist on family, school and the social milieu to improve eating habits as a key element to improve the potential of our children and the best way to promote the projection of nutritional health in our environment.At Coctil, you cannot only look for several healthy breakfast recipes and also many other delicious recipes.