What have You been Doing to Achieve Your Well-being?

How is your personal life? Do you consider yourself a happy person? On a scale of 0 to 10, how much do you feel fulfilled with the life you have led? Living in a state of well-being is one of the greatest desires of anyone.

The pursuit of happiness governs all the actions and choices of our daily lives. For this to be at peace with oneself is fundamental. I define welfare as: being satisfied and living well with one’s environment, resources and perspectives knowing wellness industry trends.

Environment comprises family, friends, home, city; resources are money, health and time; and perspectives, the ability to make plans and act to create their own unpublished, or their own changes to what you don’t have, but you want, whatever it is; and, above all, satisfaction is peace of mind, a totally inner feeling that has nothing to do with material acquisitions.


It’s not always easy to get this satisfaction

In everyday life, several factors directly influence our behavior, mood, attitudes and relationships.

It is also common to come across complicated and stressful situations. It is under these circumstances that we need extra strength to face difficulties more positively and without affecting other areas of life.

It is in this context that wellness coach certification can be a great ally in the pursuit of well-being. For example, in the emotional intelligence assessment, well-being is measured by self-esteem, self-fulfillment, interpersonal relationships, and optimism. Although it is a pre-defined concept, in practice it is very efficient.

Because it is a human development methodology, coaching contributes to the promotion of positive and permanent changes in all areas of your life.

Through self-knowledge, participants in this method acquire what is needed to promote internal change. In addition, they learn to eliminate unproductive thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that prevent them from living a full life.