What is the Difference between Keto and Atkins


At present, many people experience lots of health issues and other problems due to their extra body weight. For this reason, they are seeking for a perfect diet plan. You can find tons of diet plans, but Atkins and Keto diets get more popular among individuals and other people due to its uniqueness and beneficial results.  Choosing the right plan is not a simple task so that you can gather sufficient details regarding these two diet plans.


Additionally, you can also recognize the major differences between Atkins and Keto. This guide helps you to know all significant details regarding the two different diet plans with its pros and cons.  The proper understanding let you get an idea on what to include in your chosen diet plan. It is always smart to identify certain things such as the type of your body whether you are chubby or obese and which kind of factors that you consume in extra that make you gain additional weight.

Most importantly, you need to check whether the diet includes more fat or more carb. Daily Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – with Meal Plan – My Nutrition Advisor will help you to make an adequate diet for you. Selecting the best diet plan is really a tough job. You can find several plans, but some of them bear health problem also. That’s why this post shares you the significant difference between the as well as Atkins diet. This real comparison will surely surprise everyone.

The ketogenic diet

Previously ketogenic diet was used for treating epilepsy.  It consists many principles which are purely based on consuming a considerable amount of macronutrients, including adequate protein (35%), low carbohydrates (5%) and high fats (60%). They are essential resources that force your body to ketones for energy.

In the unavailability of carbohydrates resources for a long duration, your livers convert the body fats into ketone bodies and fatty acids. The ketone bodies are otherwise known as ketones. They can be processed into an ATP that is an energy source of your cells. Currently, an increase ketones level in your blood contents leads to nutritional ketosis.

Ketogenic diet benefits

The ketogenic diet is an excellent and highly preferred diet plan that can help you to get numerous advantages. It also allows you to get a healthy lifestyle. For getting the benefits, you can follow the Daily Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – with Meal Plan – My Nutrition Advisor properly. Following are some significant advantages of regular ketogenic diet as follow:

  • Trigger your Fat Burning

The ketogenic diet is very effective and ideal for reducing excessive fat from your body. It reset the enzymatic machinery of your body for burning your additional fats. So many people desperately follow ketosis to get rid of overweight problem.

  • Stabilization of blood sugar


This diet effectively assists in lowering the level of body glucose and boost the resistance of insulin, without consuming carbohydrate consumption often, the levels of blood sugar stabilize quickly.

  • Smarter Exercise

The keto diet helps bodybuilders who require yielding fast results with low carb consumption. This diet plan is powerful and active for exercise benefits. People need less amount of oxygen for making energy from Ketone. It can aid drastically boost the endurance performance advantages.

  • Rapid weight loss

A study finds that the people in 24-week low-carbohydrate diet process can lose more fat. Along with this, they also get a better reduction in the triglyceride level and has more high-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

  • Enhanced brain health

The ketone bodies have some specialized features to cross the barriers of blood-brain. Along with this, the human brain uses ketone bodies efficiently for getting better energy. It leads to stable mental performance benefits.

The drawback of this diet is that people have to measure frequently to ensure that they are in the nutritional ketosis. Only consuming a low-carb diet is not sufficient, because the human body uses muscle tissue and protein as well as alter them into a considerable amount of carbohydrates. So the choices of your diet should be accurate and calculated.  If you do not include any supplements in your diet plan, you need to measure your consumption and test the ketone levels carefully.

Pros of ketogenic diet

  • It increases your physical performance
  • Ketosis improve your mental performance
  • It leads quick fast loss
  • Other safe health benefits

Cons of ketogenic diet

  • It is somewhat limited if not including supplements
  • Require measuring food consumption if not using supplements

About Atkins diet

The Atkins diet is created for women and men to lose their body fat effortlessly. Along with this, it also helps people to get a better health.

Atkins diet benefits

Atkins is the most popular fast track diet that helps people to lose lots of fat within a short time by consuming as much fat and protein they want.

Pros of Atkins diet

  • Simple to follow
  • Quick fat loss results shows in the studies

Cons of Atkins diet

  • Probable weight gain recovers in a long term
  • No physical or mental performance benefits
  • No quantity or quality guidelines


The Atkins and keto diet look similar since these diet plans focus on the low carb diet process. Due to this, individuals get confused while choosing the right one.  This post shares you lots of major differences in result from each.

The Daily Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – with Meal Plan – My Nutrition Advisor, is an excellent source, which helps you to change the metabolism, and human body produces more energy within it. Though this process comes with a problem of measuring the food items and tracking the ketone levels, some supplements are there now that drastically help with this process, and the result is priceless for your well-being and health.

Though Atkins is simple to follow, the diet plan sometimes lead health dangers as well as may not provide the desired results. Then ketosis plays its role. Many people get significant results after the following keto, but previously they were the follower of Atkins.

The above comparison between Atkins and Ketosis bring all important facts about the two popular diet plans. Apart from this, it helps people to select proper diet plan which provides health benefits and other advantages.