What Makes Healthy Drinks Very Popular These Days?

assorted fresh juices from fruits and vegetables

There are certainly a number of reasons, especially for the health-conscious. The best way to understand this though is to provide you with reasons why drinking juice is better than eating your fruits and veggies.

I’m not trying to proliferate the idea to stop munching on apples or stop eating salads altogether. Instead, it is best to complement whatever diet you have with drinking healthy juices.

assorted fresh juices from fruits and vegetables

1. Nutrients Are Easily Absorbed

When we eat fruits or veggies, what we’re actually doing is extract the nutrients or juices from them so our body can easily absorb them. That is why we bite an apple and chew it. Once the juices reach our intestines, the nutrients are then easily absorbed by our body.

The problem with this is that even with all the chewing and munching, we don’t actually get to extract all the nutrients.

When you drink a juice, you no longer need to do the chewing part. It has already been done for you. The juice has been extracted by either a blender or a juicer. All you have to do is drink it up.

Not all juicers or blenders are the same, though. Some produce higher juice yield with just a small amount of ingredients, while others can’t even extract juice from leafy greens well. So you need to be able to choose the best juicer that will fit what your needs.

2. More Practical On Lunch Breaks

Who would like to bring a whole salad bar during lunch breaks? Even if it’s possible, it’s too much of a hassle. In fact, bringing a jar of juice with you is a lot easier than bringing a healthy salad plus an apple for lunch.

Additionally, chomping on your salad or fruits is more time consuming than chugging on your juice. If you’re a very busy person and has almost no time to eat, I believe you’ll always have time to drink your juice.

3. From Non-Veggie Eaters To Veggie Drinkers

Not everyone loves to eat veggies. Even if you do love your salads, it doesn’t mean that you love to chew on those hard beets or ginger roots.

Another great thing about making your own juices is that you can get to add the flavors you want. If you need a more sweet taste, you can always add some apples. You can easily create juices that effectively mask strong-flavored veggies.

Now there’s no more reason not to fulfill your daily dosage of nutrients. You can gulp them down, different fruits and veggies altogether, all in one go.

4. Perfect For Kids

We all know how hard it can be to have most kids eat their veggies. Most fruits are a sweet treat for them but not that broccoli or lettuce.

Most people resort into hiding small bits of veggies in burgers or soups. The best way to resolve this is by making a juice. You can start slow by making the juice yourself, using fruits as primary ingredients while adding incremental amounts of leafy greens in the process.

With all the popularity of all things zombie these days, you can create a green juice and just tell your kids it’s a “zombie drink”. You’ll be surprised how much they’ll love it. As they get used to drinking the juice, you can slowly reveal to them the ingredients.

The next time you create them a juice, you can have them join them. It makes for another perfect family time while raising your children’s awareness of the benefits of eating healthy fruits and veggies.

5. Allows Room For Mix & Matching

Making your own juice gives you the opportunity to unleash your own creativity. There is no hard fast rule as to what type of fruits or veggies you need to add. In fact, you can even create a juice made of just different types of leafy greens.

That is why there are literally an almost infinite number of recipes for juice on the internet today. People just love creating their own versions of juices and just love sharing them.

When you mix and match your fruits and veggies into a juice, you can actually create specific recipes that can address certain health problems or conditions like thinning hair, headache or indigestion. Since they are easily absorbed by the body, you can be sure that the effects are almost immediate.

Personally, I prefer to include drinking green juices with my diet so I can focus more on the things I love to eat. I can maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to force myself from eating my favorite protein-rich foods.